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First FAA-approved drone deliveries coming July 17

Drone deliveries in the U.S. will soon be an official, government-sanctioned activity. On July 17, the Federal Aviation Administration will allow a collaboration between NASA, Flirtey and Virginia Tech to fly unmanned aircraft to deliver pharmaceuticals to a free medical clinic in West Virginia. The fixed wing aircraft from NASA Langley and multi-rotor delivery […]

FAA to name adviser to handle ‘crush’ of industry drone queries

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Federal Aviation Administration said on Wednesday that it would place a higher priority on integrating drones into the national air space by appointing a senior adviser to coordinate relations with industry and other outside stakeholders Read More >>

FAA approves first Vermont drone business

Airshark makes and flies custom drones with a variety of sensors to get aerial video, thermal imaging, 3D mapping and modeling to the centimeter, and more. Read More >>

FAA Launches ‘No Drone Zone’ Campaign

While the FAA is still establishing rules to govern unmanned aircraft systems, the agency continues to deliver materials to educate members of the public about what they can and cannot do with their drones. Most recently, the FAA has launched a campaign to make the public aware of a No Drone Zone in the […]

FAA Studies Drones Flying Over Urban Areas

A new Federal Aviation Administration program announced Wednesday will test expanded use of drones for commercial purposes, including flying over urban areas and over distances farther than the pilot can see. Read More >>

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Flying a drone outside FAA rules brings mixed scrutiny

It’s illegal to use an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, for commercial purposes without Federal Aviation Administration approval. Read More >>

Maine search and rescue group’s drone use approved by FAA

BANGOR, Maine — A Maine-based search and rescue organization has become the first civilian entity of its type to receive permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to use unmanned aircraft systems, or drones. Read More >>

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FAA investigating Florida mailman’s landing of gyrocopter on U.S. Capitol lawn

Doug Hughes, a 61-year-old mailman from Ruskin, told his friends he was going to do it. He was going to fly a gyrocopter through protected airspace and put it down on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol, then try to deliver 535 letters of protest to 535 members of Congress. Read More >>

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Orlando aerial cinematography company gets FAA drone approval

CineDrones LLC, an Orlando-based aerial cinematography company, has received Federal Aviation Administration approval for aerial cinematography in the motion picture, TV and live broadcast industry, as well as an FAA Certificate of Authorization for commercial, unmanned aircraft systems flights.